Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paint Can Class Photos

These are the pics from our paint can class Sunday. A good time was had by all! Pam Lane came early, so she is not in the group photo, but she did make a cute can. Thanks to everyone for coming to the class. We are working on a time to repeat this class, maybe with a different theme. April is a busy month. Saturday is Recipe Club and the 18th is the craft fair at LeGrande. We want to schedule classes for the mini albums, clipboard and pens, and flower pots. Please email me at to let me know your preference -- does weeknight, Saturday, or Sunday work best for you?

Another 'frugal crafter' idea: save your Crystal Light and Pringle cans. Also, wash and save your cottage cheese cartons. These are great to use as a gift box, similar to the paint cans. On the Crystal Light can, I used Teriffically Tacky Tape to cover the can. This will work for the cottage cheese carton, but I found out yesterday that you can also use Rustoleum spray paint to base coat the cottage cheese cartons. This isn't always necessary, but if you are using a single-sided paper to cover the carton, you will need to block out the label to keep it from showing through the paper. If you don't want to spray it, just cover with some white cardstock before adding the patterned paper. I used my drill with a cup hook in place of the drill bit to twist several pieces of colored wire together for a handle. I'm sure you could repurpose a lot of containers that are in your refrigerator right now -- sour cream, dip containers, etc. -- in the same way. Well, I guess that is my GREEN contribution for this week! ;)))

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. more later, swr

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