Sunday, June 21, 2009

RE: Some Recipe Club photos

Dear Scrappers:

I am way behind in posting pictures since my trip, and I am not the best with a camera, but here goes...

These are photos from the GRILLIN' section of our recipe book we did on June 6th. I hope you can see some of the details through the page protectors. We had a lot of fun with these pages because we tried some new things. The cabbage page seemed to be a favorite with the wet and dry embossing technique. On my cabbage page, I used the ScorBug to make some evenly-spaced holes for my stitching -- on the egg page, I just winged it with the stitching! As you can see, we used some 'stuff' from home for these pages, such as Reynold's Wrap, skewers and toothpicks, and bits of egg cartons. The sparkle on the bananas is Diamond Dust, which is kind of a chunky glitter. The embossing on the Sauce page was made with a Cuttlebug, and the BBQ sauce bottle was made with scraps of clear acrylic painted with glass paint. All this will easily translate to cards and page layouts, so if you have any ???'s, just let me know.

Hope to see you July 11th at Dennison's, if not before! later, swr

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