Sunday, October 11, 2009

RE: Altered items

Dear Scrappers:

Don't forget that we are having a class this weekend featuring a winter card, a Chritmas card and a Christmas thank you note. This week, Hobby Lobby has a 40% off one item coupon. It would be a great time to pick up some blank cards and envelopes if you are planning to make multiple cards. Until we started making kits for the classes, I didn't realize how much less expensive it is to start with a blank card and envelope rather than make them from scratch. You will save a minimum of $1 (up to $1.80) per card by using the pre-made bases. That helps when you are making multiple cards!

Before I forget, here is a nice little website for some pdf files. You do have to hand cut them, but they are cute. I have already made the daisy embellishments this weekend. I think they can substitute for a bow on your holiday packaging. If you can cut a circle, you can make these.

On October 25th, we will be working on gift bags, gift tags, and gift card holders. Some of you know that I make my gift card holders using the cardboard core from inside bathroom tissue and paper towels. Please save up a couple of these to bring to class if you can. I have some for you, but you are welcome to use the items in our club box to make a few extras while you are there. These holders are handy to have around all year for birthdays, graduation, etc.

I also wanted to remind you to save your Crystal Light and Pringles cans. Papercrafts magazine did a section on packaging food gifts this month and there they were! With a little paper and a few embellishments, you can make a beautiful and sturdy gift container for cookies, nut mix, etc., and they are great for mailing gifts. I'll bring you a sample at the gift bag class -- easy peasy.

Not too early to start working on Christmas stuff!

hope to see you this weekend, swr

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