Thursday, October 22, 2009

RE: Red ink pad

Hi, Scrappers:

For the class Sunday, please bring a red ink pad with you if you have one. We will have two available in the class kit, but if you have your own, you can work much faster. One of the cards has 21 pieces to distress in red -- it might take awhile, but it is cute.

I guess you all know that Delores fell Tuesday and broke her right wrist. She is having surgery tomorrow morning. If all goes well, she will have her fingers loose enough to work on her projects Sunday. If she isn't ready this week, Lane will make her cards and I'm sure D. will be back at it by next time. I just received the nicest thank you card from Delores on Tuesday morning -- Cuttlebug, sanding, and a very nice handwritten note. She adds a lot to the classes and I know we are all hoping for a speedy recovery.

later, swr

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