Saturday, January 16, 2010

RE: New Recipe Book

Hey, Scrappers!

It is a new year, so it is time for a new recipe book! This year we will be doing Seasonal Favorites. I have a few lined up for January/Febuary, but I'd like to have some of your recipes to include. Please email to me any recipe you like to cook on a wintery day or your Valentine's Day favorites. It will be fun to have a lot more recipes from the Scrappers this time. If you haven't signed up for the class yet, give me a call or email. Also, please let me know if you are making more than one book this time so that I can make sure to prepare enough kits.

Lane is working on a mini album this weekend -- all about her New Year's resolutions. The mini album is a perfect brag book. Very cute. Lane, you need to do a class on this! Hint, hint...

later, swr

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