Thursday, April 14, 2011

RE: Bad penny

After a long quiet spell, I've turned back up like a bad penny.  I'm trying to re-organize, regroup and go a little bit different way.   More on that later...

I did purchase a new camera and accessories last month to try to get better photos what we are working on.  A blog is not as much fun without decent pictures! This is my first attempt to publish from my new camera...I have a bit of a way to go!  This is just on of Lane's latest with lots of hand cutting and dimension that doesn't really show.  I've got a stack to work on, so I hope to improve with a little practice.

We did order two new toys today  --  the Sew Easy Piercer tool with a few attachments and the Quik Stick by Quick Cuts.   I saw them demonstrated and that was all it took!  I'll let you know the results soon. 

more later, swr


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