Monday, May 25, 2009

RE: Scrapbooking Kit for Recipe Club

Hello from Horse Cave!

At the next meeing of Recipe Club on June 6th, we will be using several new techniques, including watercoloring with ink and/or chalk. Either medium will work, but the technique is different. Both are easy! For me, it is usually a question of which I have on hand in the color I want. In addition to your usual scrapbook supplies, you might like to bring a pair of tweezers, a brown metallic gel pen, and your favorite green ink pad. Also, if you have a set of chalks, especially brown, cream, or greens, you might want to bring those, too. These items will be available for your use at the store, but if you have your own you won't have to wait to share! This technique can get a little messy, but it is well worth it. Some baby wipes might also come in handy!

Back in the stone ages of scrapbooking, I used to 'chalk' with old eyeshadows. At the time, I thought it was great. I haven't experimented with eyeshadows lately -- the new chalks are so pretty and transparent, plus they can be blended easily to look like watercolors -- so I can't tell you right now whether or not this technique will work with eyeshadows. But, I will probably try it...right now!

more later, swr

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