Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mirkwood Designs and The Frugal Crafter

Hello Scrappers:

I just realized that I haven't put up the links to The Frugal Crafter or Mirkwood Designs. So I will remedy that today! The Frugal Crafter is one of my must-see sites on a daily basis. Check out some of her older posts and you will find lots of goodies.

Mirkwood Designs is a great site for templates. I realize that most of you don't use Sure Cuts A Lot, so this is a great site for box and card templates that you can print from your computer. Of course, you can resize them on a copier to suit your paper. The fan card is absolutely beautiful.

So get on over there and don't forget to look at their Google ads so they will get credit for the traffic.

See you later, swr


  1. Thanks for the link;) I'll email you the link for the tea bag pattern because I can't seem to post it here;)

  2. Thanks so much! Again, love your stuff. swr