Friday, October 16, 2009

RE: Card Class Sunday

Dear Scrappers:

Wednesday was a very sad day. Mrs. Calanthe F. Branstetter passed away suddenly while attending a luncheon with some of her friends and former collegues in the school system. Mrs. Branstetter is David Branstetter's mother -- David is married to our Denise, so she was Denise's mother-in-law. Visitation is Saturday and Sunday at Winn's, with the funeral Sunday at 2:00 PM. The obituary notice and a photo are on Winn's site at I know her death was sudden and unexpected. I'm sure we will all be thinking about you and your family this weekend, David and Denise.

Denise and I decided to postpone the class Sunday -- those of you who know Denise probably realize that she really didn't want to disappoint anyone OR mess up the schedule! Sometimes life just gets in the way...anyway, we will decide after Sunday whether we will make up the class or just put it in the schedule on November 8th. If it suits everyone, we might make it up on a Tuesday or Thursday night, either this week upcoming or the next. The kits are made, but we did add in a fourth card with a little something extra. So, it probably wouldn't work to incorporate these cards into upcoming classes without making the classes too long. Please feel free to write me or call me with your schedule. We will be talking to you about this next week.

Please check the blog for updates after Sunday. Again, our sympathy to David and Denise, and the Branstetter family.

later, swr

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