Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RE: Belated update

This summer has going by too fast, but I have enjoyed our two parties. Next week, Delores is our hostess and she and JoAnne have really put a lot into it. It wil be Thursday, as usual. BTW, I FINALLY got ATT&T to get my cell straightened out -- 270-774-2666 if you have any questions.

Guess what happened to me yesterday! I broke two toes! I have to wear this cast thing for 6 weeks. Not going to look to smart with my cocktail dresses for McC's party and wedding. I will be back and forth to NoKY until after October 9th, so just call me, JoAnne, or Denise is you are confused.

We are considering having our regular gathering and an outing in September. We will discuss this next week. We should have some really good shots at Rocky Hill.

more later, swr

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