Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thursday night class update

Because you asked...

Here is a picture of the Mother's Day Flower Pot Card. Thursday night, the class fee will be $3.00, plus whatever you decide to make. Each one of these card kits, including envelope, will be $4.50. Please let me know if you want pastel, primary, or mid-tone flowers in your kit. The cards are easy enough, but A LOT of pieces, so please let me know how many kits you want. Also, you can change the sentiment from "Happy Mother's Day" to ... something else, if you don't need the card for Mother's Day. Just give me a call or email to arrange it.

If you want to make the Hat Card that is on display in the window, it will be $3.00 for the kit or $1.50 for the template for hand cutting. You can put endless bling on this card!

The actual flower pots are $2 per pot, $2 per saucer, and $2.25 for the vinyl. These will hold a 6-8 inch plant. There are so many things to do with these flower pots and vinyl that I know we will do this class again soon! The vinyl also works well on plastic pots -- if you need a different size, just let me know and Scrap Happy will be glad to get it done.

Don't forget Recipe Club this weekend -- remember to bring me your grilling recipes for the June throwdown! JK!!!

I'll try to get up a pic of the flower pot later this AM. Come on in Thursday night and get ready for Mother's Day. Hope to see you then, swr

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